Mexicana cf bts. :)

hahah onew on cloud 9 for chicken 


trying to get your friends into your fav Kpop group like 

Guitarist Sooyoung


Honestly, what actually upsets me the most about this whole Sulli issue, is knowing that probably all those netizens and people who wasted a few minutes of their lives to bash another human being and give that person the same hatred they receive in their daily miserable lives, are just a bunch of people in it’s majority teens, that haven’t even achieved something in their lives close enough to what Sulli has achieved with her career so far, they don’t even know the concept of hard work and dedication, they don’t even know what it is like to go through years of training and preparation and to finally stand on that stage under all that pressure in the eye of the public, having to fulfill tight schedules that start at 4am in the morning and end at 1 or 2 am of the next day, they have absolutely no idea about what’s happening behind the curtains for you to sit your fatass on your computer and type some hateful comment towards someone you don’t even know personally or don’t acknowledge what they’ve achieved compared to your life, or you just simply make an assumption of the situation because you want to. In order to critique, you must have the same experience or be more experienced than the person you’re criticizing, someone in the same industry that knows all the shit that goes down there and have lived or live through it, but, of course, no one regardless of how high their position is has the right to give negative critiques, it’s a really fine line and so we must know the difference and when we’re getting too close to the extreme.